Help - Managing your listing

Your business is constantly changing, so now you can manage your online listing to reflect everything new and old.

How to login

To access your account, please login to the control panel using your username and password. If you have forgotten the password there is no need to panic, you can simply click the link below the login boxes to guide you through the password reminder.

My Account - your powerful online tool

In my account area you can keep your advert alive; depending on the listing type you have signed up for you can update the following items:

  1. My account details – your personal contact details (not shown online)
  2. Business Details
    1. Address & Contacts
    2. Description
    3. Brand & Images
    4. Social Media
  3. Check out Reviews left for you by others
  4. Create a voucher for your entry
  5. Add marketing to your website, then your users can leave reviews or find your listing
  6. Link to a video
  7. Make live news updates about your latest offer
  8. Upgrade your entry
  9. Change your password