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The “LIV” part of the name is short for “Olivia”, who is the daughter of one of the company director’s. “Supplies” was preferred to “plastics” due to the fact our aim was stock and supply more than just plastics. We are constantly trying to become “The One Stop Shop” and offer new and unique products for current and potential customers.


The people involved with starting the company had been involved in the plastics industry for many years and had gained a lot of knowledge and experience. It is very much a ‘family based’ company, and the majority of staff are friends, family or former work colleagues. We are not a large corporate business, and we aim to provide a top quality service to our customers in a friendly manner.


LIV Supplies Ltd started out as small as possible, basically an office and a small space for holding minimal levels of stock. The companies trading was mainly internet sales, with hardly any trade or retail sales.

As time went on we decided to try and get some of the local trade, with that in mind we needed bigger premises to hold enough stock to meet the requirements of the trade. We also set up an accounts office at this point to keep a track of money and make sure everything is running smoothly with the expansion taking place.

This worked very well, but we soon outgrew the warehouse, so yet again LIV Supplies had to move. We found a great retail premises just around the corner which is visible from the area’s large supermarket ASDA. This was an ideal spot to attract the retail customers and is also on the same road as some of our local competition which is also healthy business.


We have two branches within the Hull area, servicing both sides of the city. Very experienced staff runs them both and have all been within the industry for many years. Our current website went live January 2010. We upgraded from our original website to try and make the navigation and order processing easier for the customer. We are always looking at new and innovative ideas to help the customer make the choice of purchasing from us rather than one of our competitors. The ‘Cut-To-Size Shapes’ program on our website enables the customer to order a specific shape cut to specific sizes which no other website at the minute can offer.

Thank you for taking your time to read about our business,

LIV Supplies Ltd

6 reviews of LIV Supplies Ltd

  • AVOID - operating a shipping liability scam!

    17 November 2014, 13:43

    My order arrived shattered inside bubble wrap. Because it was signed for on delivery they say I have no claim against them or the courier. Postage was overpriced and extremely poor. If you want an unreturnable pile of shattered plastic, this is the company for you. Their facebook page shows they hired a convicted thief and publicly joke about it:


    04 June 2014, 16:55

    AWFUL,AWFUL,AWFUL! try to tell you that damaged goods cannot be returned because they put a 'get out clause' in their terms and conditions , that if you sign for it you have checked the condition of the item - this is a lie, as you are only signing to confirm you have recieevd the item - if something is damaged, even if it is bespoke - you are under law entitled to return it and at their expense too! you are entitled to a refund or a replacement and in good time , but they don't care about the law, just hanging on to your money DO NOT LET THEM TRY AND FOB YOU OFF - KNOW YOUR CONSUMER RIGHTS - DISTANCE SELLING REGULATIONS AND SALE OF GOODS ACT 1979 IF SOMETHING IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE , OR OF APPROPRIATE QUALITY, THEY HAVE TO BY LAW GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK OR REPLACE THE ITEM. very angry, terrible customer service, late delivery, and JUST DID NOT CARE DONT BOTHER TRYING TO GET A REPLY VIA EMAIL EITHER, i THINK THEY MUST HAVE COMPLAINTS DATING BACK YEARS THEY HAVE TO CATCH UP ON

  • Recommend 100 percent!

    05 December 2013, 10:19

    Used this company for years. Helpful, friendly and cannot do enough to make sure you have everything you need to do a good job. Don't listen to a couple of bad reviews visit yourself and benefit from the service, products and competitive prices

  • Fantastic Company

    21 October 2013, 21:10

    Cheapest products online, could not be more helpful. A1 service Thanks.


    16 October 2013, 12:51

    They are poor in every part of there business. There are better companies to use than them. If you could give ZERO stars I would


    19 May 2013, 15:36

    These people have NO idea of customer care. They are very poor in responding and dealing with queeries and will wash their hands and go into hide mode when you have a complaint - and their haulier tufnells are just as bad. ENSURE YOU GET A DELIVERY NOTE because NEITHER LIV OR TUFNELLS will supply one as standard so that you can check contents of the delivery. BE VERY WARY OF THIS BUNCH OF CHANCERS

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