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2 reviews of Browns Leaflet Distribution


    07 May 2017, 00:19

    Paid £285 to Rob Brown for distribution of 10k takeaway menus, with another 10k remaining to be distributed at a later date (not paid for). Brown's website stated (before they updated the website) that they provide texts of tracking and reports of distribution as proof however none of this has been received which means I don't know if my menus have actually been distributed. The website had a policy of giving a refund within 30 days of payment if the customer was not satisfied (also removed). Due to no proof of distribution I'd asked for my remaining menus back, which was promised on Monday 24th April, then again on Tuesday and Wednesday. However they have been dumped outside in the rain at 6:45am on Thursday 27th without informing me despite waiting for a phone call/knock on the door (before 7am as promised) so that I could actually receive the return of my menus (found out about menus being left at 9:20am due to chasing up Rob). Menus couldn't be moved until my lunch time break, therefore were likely will have suffered damage. Rob didn't think to leave them under my front door porch that could protect from the rain. Was a struggle for me to get the remaining 10k back as day by day Rob said he would bring them but disappointed each day. This caused a major inconvenience for my mum and I as on the days either of us would wait the whole day for them to arrive, while we had things to do ourselves. Prior to me asking for my menus back I had been patient and cooperated enough by asking for continuous updates as to when the first 10k menus would be distributed. The only way I'd find out that there were hold ups is by calling up (getting through to only Michael and never Rob) about how I didn't receive the tracking text on the days that I was told. Apparently the van had issues hence why the many hold ups but I was not once informed about why distributions didn't take place. Was told that the first lot of distribution took place on Friday 24th March and was given access to view a tracking replay however was not told how many of the first 10k were delivered that day. The restaurant received a takeaway order on Saturday from James Reckitt Avenue in East Hull which did not fall in to the 4 postcodes that I'd chosen to distribute to. The customer ordering mentioned that they'd received a menu the day before hence why they called to order. I had specifically chosen West Hull postcodes that the restaurant can deliver to however they had clearly failed to keep to the West Hull postcodes when the order came from East Hull. Rob tried to rush me into giving him the next set of postcodes for the remaining 10k without sending me reports or showing me tracking for the first 10k and without answering my questions about James Reckitt Avenue. Rob has refused to send a refund because "We delivered over the 10.000 which is half the total invoice which you paid. We've returned the balance of your leaflets so no refund is due" (despite no proof of distribution through reports or tracking as promised) and "may be would have done if you hadn't agreed and like a damming review about us from a customer with out know both sides of the story" (referring to a Facebook status that I had 'liked' based on someone else's experience). Due to the poor service I unexpectedly popped in on Friday 21st April and Rob stated he would return my menus on the following Monday and refund the £285. Wednesday 26th April he also stated through Messenger that he would refund me and bring my menus back on Thursday morning however I still have no refund. I also mentioned on Wednesday that I had another company coming to collect the remaining menus on Thursday (as I won't be doing business with Rob anymore) however this had to be cancelled due to not informing me that the menus had in fact been left. Many online reviews and Facebook posts reiterate the same experience I've had, so I'm not the only person who has suffered this service, sounds a lot like a scam maybe?

  • Very good liaison with Rob

    27 October 2015, 09:11

    I have used Browns Leaflet Distribution for some years and apart from the time that they had some operatives that didn't do their job, we have had no problem. Even so, a chat with Rob soon put that right. The last delivery was excellent, every house covered. The printing and presentation all very good and exactly to our specifications. We will be using them again.

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