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HULL, East Riding of Yorkshire

  • Tel: 01482 470151

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Hull's Award Winning Driving School

Are you about to turn 17 and eager to start your driving lessons?

Or have you been thinking about trying Driving Lessons for a while, but you haven’t taken the plunge yet?

You may even be transfering from another driving instructor.

Whatever your circumstance, we would like to offer you our best ever "try us" deal we have ever published for Driving lessons in Hull.
For information please visit:
www.elite-driving-school.co.uk or call 01482 470151

We have an extreamly HIGH 1st time pass record and offer outstanding value for money.

My Driving Lessons with Elite
“Elite gave me my ticket to a better future,.. I totally enjoyed my journey of learning to drive, Dennis was amazing very patient and totally kept me focused. I loved every lesson with him and will highly recommend him to everyone. I defiantly chose the right driving school in Elite Thanku soooo much Dennis ur a star from Sally clavering (Prince)!…

Hi, Elite Driving School was recommended to me, I was impressed on a score of 10 out of 10 for everything they did for me, and so delighted I chose the right company, I cannot believe the difference from changing from my last instructor who was only making me worse lesson by lesson, knocking any confidence I did have and i was dreading the next. My instructor is Steve and cannot fault him by any means, and I now look forward to my lessons every week. Thank you

Helen from Hull

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