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Castle Park Dental Care

Tel: 01482 772306

  • The 2012 charity visit to Morocco
  • Chris "Dr Smilemaker" Branfield
  • A Warm Castle Park Dental Care Welcome Is Waiting For You
  • Chris and Gill with a young Morocco boy who had just been helped out of pain
  • Domin The Donkey - Our Practice Mascot helping us to teach children how to look after their mouths

Castle Villa, 28 Castle Road, Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU16 5NA

'"Life Changing, Pain Free Dentistry" (says Mrs Betty Day) ...we can prove it!

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Rapid Teeth Straightening
  • gentle, pain free dentistry
  • Ample Free Parking

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More about Castle Park Dental Care

Would you love to find a dentist in and around Hull who 100% cares about you feeling no pain, fear or anxiety?

….. And would you also like to see real proof from other patients who’ve experienced no pain, fear or anxiety?

Good, because there is absolutely no excuse in today’s advanced medical world that anyone should suffer pain and anxiety!

We’ve been looking after the good people of Cottingham, Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Beyond for a good many years now

See and hear what our patients have to say about us by visiting our website at

Whether It’s Dental Implants In Hull Or Cosmetic Dentistry In East Yorkshire a Warm Welcome Awaits You.

When you visit Castle Park Dental Care, Chris Branfield and his team seriously promise to do everything in their power to help you and make you these 7 serious promises when you join them at Castle Park Dental Care…..

Initially we are happy to meet you to discuss your anxiety

We run through a special survey with you to find out where your fear lies and how to overcome your worries

You will receive an explanation of what to expect during and after treatment to make your visit as comfortable as possible

We explain treatment fully before any work

5. We listen to your fears and concerns

6. You will receive anaesthetic very slowly so there’s no pressure or discomfort

7. We are really gentle - honest

Take your hands away from your mouth, BE CONFIDENT and LIVE LIFE to the full with a great smile.

Chris ‘Dr Smile Maker’ Branfield – As Seen In Cottingham Times:
Chris originally hails from Chorley, Lancashire, and is the son of a bricklayer. He graduated from Leeds Dental School in 1992. Since then he has invested heavily in his postgraduate education and trained under some of the best dentists in this country and abroad. He is committed to the total dental wellbeing of his patients and has a special interest in tooth replacement therapy and dental rehabilitation with dental implants, especially for those who struggle and suffer with dentures. He also has a special interest in revitalising and improving smiles with cosmetic dentistry, hence his nick name ‘Dr Smile Maker’. He is proud to be the principal dentist of this established practice in Cottingham. He is also proud of his team and the private dentistry and dental experience they offer to the good people of Cottingham, Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and beyond.

Chris has lived and worked in the East Riding of Yorkshire since 1994, he was a Hull dentist in 1993 after leaving university. He married Fran, who is from Beverley, back in 1995 and has two children, Edward and Harriet. He is a Hull City fan and is a season ticket holder supporting the Tigers at the KC stadium with his son. The whole family love to go camping but these days really enjoy caravanning after being washed out one too many times in the tent!

A dentist’s dentist:
Chris is a committee member of the Hull and East Riding British Dental Association (BDA) Section and is involved in running training courses for dentists and dental teams. Chris takes referrals for dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and complex treatments from several dentists. He treats other dentists and their family members. He is happy for your dentist to refer you.

Dental Implants And Cosmetic Dentistry In Hull:
Chris loves his job, especially the dramatic life transformation that being a cosmetic and implant dentist can bring to his patients.

As established,experienced private dentists to the good people of Cottingham, Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and beyond we are able to offer tailored cosmetic solutions to give you the smile you deserve.

Many people are unhappy with their smiles and this can have a negative impact on your life. A great smile can make very positive changes to your life by improving confidence and making great impressions on other people.

80% of people find a nice smile attractive and appealing, ugly smiles are a turn-off. Chris ‘Dr Smile Maker’ Branfield takes referrals from other dentists to improve the lives of their patients with amazing results.

We can improve your smile in many ways from simple tooth whitening, tooth coloured fillings, re-contouring and bonding to a full smile make over and transformation with veneers and crowns. We are proud to be private dentist offering the life changing treaments we do to the good people of Yorkshire, Hull, Lincolnshire and beyond.

Adult Teeth Straightening, Fast. This is the future for cosmetic dentistry in Hull and world wide

Chris is now an accredited Inman Aligner practitioner. This is a revolutionary teeth straiteing treatment that only takes 6 to 16 weeks. That's really fast. Faster than clear braces and invisalign.

Chris also offers Six Months Smiles, a revolutionary orthodontic system that provides a fast and economical way for adults to begin smiling with confridence. Six Month Smiles braces and wires are barely noticeable - they blend very well with the colour of your teeth.

Chris is also offers Fastbraces as a rapid tooth straightening option.

Call today on 01482 772306 for a free complimentry visit and your straight teeth audit

All treatments are individually tailored for your needs. For Cosmetic Dentistry In Hull Give Us A Call 01482 772306

So What Is All The Fuss And Why Am I Excited? – Straight Teeth In Hull That’s What!

Well, crooked teeth, conventionally, could only be sorted out either with a fairly prolonged course of orthodontics (braces up to two years) or by camouflage with veneers and/or crowns. The braces could either be fixed train track type or clear tray type. Veneers usually mean some tooth grinding, often quite a lot of grinding. Crowns definitely mean quite a lot of grinding. Obviously there is the biological cost of tooth grinding as well as the financial cost. More often than not adults are not prepared to have a brace on, especially for extended periods. Well there is now an alternative. The Inman Aligner is a removable brace that exerts a steady small force on the teeth that makes the teeth move more quickly in a very safe manner. It is quicker than than Invisalign and clear braces and fixed braces.This means that treatment times are from as little as six weeks and up to sixteen weeks only. This can remove the need for veneers, reducing the biological and financial cost. Also veneers can leave in-standing teeth thick and bulky. How about that? Often it is necessary to some very minor enamel stripping and re-contouring where the teeth touch to make a bit of space but this very minor indeed and is a fraction of a millimetre. The appliance was initially invented in the US but the technique has been developed here in the UK and is now spreading like wild fire across Europe and the rest of the world.

Eat What You Want And Kiss Who You Want:
Because the brace is removable you do not have to avoid the food that you love that may break a fixed brace. Also for those times that you could really do without a brace in your mouth you can take it out (as long as you remember to put it back in so it does its job). Tooth cleaning is also a doddle because you can take it out. Now there are limitations with what the Inman Aligner can do but there have been lots of cases that I have seen over the last seventeen and a half years that it would have been perfect for.

Dental Implants:
For The Good People Of Cottingham, Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire And Beyond

End Denture Suffering! Smile And Eat Steak With Confidence - Dental Implants Could Be The Answer.

Free initial consultation for dental implants and cosmetics:
Tooth replacement that can change the way you eat and smile forever! Why continue to suffer from painful, ill-fitting dentures that are difficult, painful and embarrassing to eat with?

Unsightly gaps and denture problems can be treated using dental implants. This is now common place in our practice and the results are remarkable. Dental implants can really improve your quality of life, especially for denture problem sufferers or those who dread the thought of dentures when teeth are failing. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or a complete set of teeth or used to fix removable dentures very securely indeed to give you your confidence back. Implants can be used instead of bridges so that healthy teeth do not need to ground down.

Chris ‘Dr Smile Maker’ did his extensive training at St. Anns Clinic Manchester and at Sheffield University. He is also an active member of the Association of Dental Implantology UK. He receives referrals from other dentists for implants and other advanced restorative dentistry. The success rate at the practice is staggering.

Chris loves being an implant dentist and the dramatic life tranformation that his patients can undergo. Please read our testimonials on our website

The Revolutionary Teeth In A Day Technique means you can go from denture or no teeth to fixed teeth in a day! Sometimes in an hour!! For dental implants in Hull give us a call. 01482 772306.

Gentle Dentistry:
As established,experienced private dentists to the good people of Cottingham, Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and beyond we are able to offer you the most gentle dentistry of your life.

Chris Branfield has a black belt in "the gentle art", Ju Jitsu. He is, however, much better at the gentle art dentistry and has patients coming from all over the country and abroad for just this reason. Dispel your notions of dentistry of the past. At Castle Park Dental Care we excel at the Gentle Art of Dentistry. From the moment you walk through the door you get the sense that this is a dental experience with a difference. We understand and appreciate any apprehension and go that bit extra to put you at ease and look after you. The whole team looks forward to giving you a very warm Castle Park Welcome.

Beautiful, Natural Looking Dentures:
As established,experienced private dentists to the good people of Cottingham, Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and beyond we are able to offer precision, natural looking dentures to give you a boost of confidence.

Full and partial dentures designed and made to be the best fit and best looking available. Choices of High impact Acrylic, Chromium – Cobalt, Titanium or Flexible Dentures. Ivoclar teeth are the most natural and hardest wearing denture teeth available.

Total Dental Wellbeing:
We are proud to be private dentists looking after the good people of Cottingham, Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Beyond

Why you need a Comprehensive Dental MOT and not a 30 second quick glance. Amazing Offers - please read on.

Everyone needs a Dental MOT to keep your oral health in tip top condition, keep you smiling and eradicate bad breath. THE CASTLE PARK 7 STEP SMILE SYSTEM has been developed to do exactly that and includes:

•Listening attentively to your wants and needs including any problems such as pain, ugly teeth or bad breath. Also, so we can overcome any anxiety you have about any treatment. WE UNDERSTAND! WE DON'T JUDGE!

•Check your jaw joint and jaw muscles to make sure it all works well with no stiffness or pain. Do you get jaw ache or headaches?

•Mouth cancer check. This includes examining your glands and lining of your mouth including your lips, cheeks, hard and soft palate, tongue and floor of your mouth. We check for any unusual lumps and bumps, ulcers or red/white patches that may indicate signs of oral cancer or other conditions. We use a velscope, the latest technology in mouth cancer screening to detect areas which cannot be seen by the naked eye. We also have an intra-oral cancer to help explain your treatment needs and options to you

•A full gum health screen to pick up on any gum disease. This is the most common cause of tooth loss but can be treated if caught early enough. Gum disease has been linked to cardiovascular disease and low birth weight babies.

•A full examination of your teeth and any dental restorations. Again, if dental decay is caught early enough teeth can be saved quite easily. This is more cost effective than losing teeth and then solving the problem of a gap! Ugly teeth or ugly discoloured fillings may be discussed with you.

•It is often necessary to take X-rays of teeth to check out the foundations underneath that we cannot see. Dental decay is a sneaky beasty and hides away under the surface. Other so called special tests may be necessary as well.

•Make sense of all of the above and explain to YOU our findings and ways to improve things if necessary, including any relevant advice.

Everything will be explained and any treatment needs or options given for your consideration. We are very keen on prevention and empowering you to look after yourself through self efficacy after giving you Dental Health Personal Training and Coaching. That is right, your own personal trainer in dental health.

All treatment when necessary is tailored to individual needs, budgets and personal philosophies (that is one reason why we listen).

Gum Disease is the single biggest reason for tooth loss. It has been linked to cardiovascular disease and low birth weight babies. It is important to get this checked out and treated, not Graham only to keep your teeth but your general health and well being. We have trained with some leading UK specialists to deliver you the treatment necessary to save your teeth before it is too late. Our hygienist Angela Coates works part time in a specialist periodontal (gum health) practice.

Root Canal Treatment, when necessary is carried out to save your teeth. Chris has studied with specialists in this field to develop the skills and knowledge and use state of the art equipment to offer you outstanding results. Chris also accepts referrals from other dentists for root canal treatment.

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Latest news from Castle Park Dental Care

  • 05 February 2014, 13:07

    Chris Branfield on National TV!! Chris has been chosen out of over 39,000 UK dentists to take part in a national TV advertisement. Chris, who is well known for his passion for pain-free dentistry was chosen by Sensodyne because of his heart-felt and caring way with his patients and his down-to-earth style of communicating the importance of good dental health. Chris laughs “I didn’t think I’d be posh enough for the telly! Seriously though, it was great to be chosen and a completely different experience for me” The adverts screen early February and will concentrate on two messages. One of the advertisements focuses on the impact sensitive teeth can have on people’s lives, with the other on the fact that people should keep using Sensodyne to keep the pain away. Chris is a founder member, trustee and clinical advisor to the dental Dental Mavericks Charity WHO TO DATE HAVE TAKEN OVER 1,200 KIDS OUT OF DAILY DENTAL PAIN and was recently awarded the “Inspiration Award” after a secret vote by the Dental Mavericks Team with comments such as “I love his calm and relaxed manner with patients, he gives everyone feedback and I think he shows passion and love for the kids and also the team” and also “… inspirational treatment and methods that I will be taking home with me”. Castle Park Dental Care have Free Sensodyne Toothpaste to give away whilst stocks last. To bag your free tube just email your name, address and mobile number to quoting SEN1401 or pop your details in at Reception

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