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Chanterlands DIY

Tel: 01482 445445

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2 reviews of Chanterlands DIY

  • A local treasure.

    10 May 2019, 21:00

    Heard good reports about this place. A proper Arkwrights, a lovely old fashioned hardware shop. On my recent visit the owner was advising an elderly lady on something and I overheard him advising a product not on price by on suitability which was cheaper then then item she had picked up. Love browsing around the shop too. Finally I bought three lovely flowering fuschia's for a fiver ( I'd seen these at a fiver each elsewhere) and a couple of huge bags of compost. The owner offered to deliver them to my door, free of charge, I offered to pay something for delivery but he said 'my pleasure' and sure enough they were on my doorstep two hours later as promised. You don't get that on ebay !

  • My favourite shop

    04 October 2015, 20:43

    In a world of sell service tills, on-line shopping, soulless shopping centres, and bored uninterested shop assistants it is truly refreshing to find a shop like this one where the customer is valued and the person behind the counter is actually interested in you and in what you want to purchase, not just how much they can prise out of your wallet. I honestly thought proper old fashioned shops like this were just a fond memory. Not Chants DIY, its a treasure trove, a step back to the good old days when shopping was still a pleasure. A place where the owner will serve you personally, point you in the right direction, advise and speak to you, yes speak to you, and not rob you blind. The range of stock is extensive, obviously not everything but the kitchen sink but all those bits and bobs you need, things you had forgotten about, and decent quality stuff too all priced right. If Gary ( the owner) hasn't got what you want he will get you it, ring you at home and even deliver it to your door personally. I have never been disappointed when visiting Chants DIY and more power to the elbow for small shops such as this because they are invaluable. Don't forget the saying...'You never know what you have got until it's gone' Got to dash out now for some more paraffin, a couple of picture hooks, a mouse trap and a pair of left hand rising butt hinges. Chanterlands DIY here I come......

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