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All Spares Car Dismantlers Ltd

Tel: 01482 589641

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AllSpares is a car dismantling facility, registered and licence by The Environment Agency. It is owned and managed by Richard Tilson. Allspares has been established since 1992 and is growing rapidly. We have ensured good relationships with customers and trades to ensure everyone gets a good deal. Satisfaction is guaranteed with our 7 day money back offer on faulty parts, after all the customer is one of the most important parts of a growing business. We recognize this and will try our best to accommodate your needs.

We break all types of vehicles and have a huge selection of panels, glass, lights, engines and gearboxes on the shelf. We will pay the best prices for your unwanted vehicles, and provide DVLA issued Destruction Certificates. Our stock contains quality modern parts at working mans prices, and also offer a cash back guarantee on all faulty parts returned within 7 days of purchase.

For more details don't hesitate to Contact Us about any services, parts or prices. Our fast efficient friendly staff will be keen to help.

Other locations

29 Green Lane, Hull HU2 0HG

Tel: 01482 213932

3 reviews of All Spares Car Dismantlers Ltd

  • f

    06 February 2015, 23:29

    This company needs to be taken over by somebody who will show respect to customers. I also had a running with the owner. Unbelievable how he spoke to me as a customer. I can see I'm not the only one who has witnessed bad service at this place. go any where else but all spares! Terrible company I have never seen one like it

  • car parts

    06 February 2015, 14:07

    I visited this buisness today where I was verbally abused by the owner after I nicely told him the engine I bought was unusefull as it has oil leaks from all areas i was imidiately told to get out I would not reccomend to any one after the way I was treated I felt very intimidated and I will never return there again my money went down the drain !

  • car parts

    18 December 2013, 18:10

    What a sham of a business, the one member of staff I dealt with Wayne if there was a scale of 1-10 of been rude, , unhelpful,dirty, with no manners this guy would have a high score of 10. The other perdon in the office would score just behind him. No help, no advice just wanted to keep warm in office barking orders at staff. Go to motor hogor buy new avoid like the plague.

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