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Wadsworth Osteopaths

Tel: 01482 875004

Lockwood Rd Clinic, 30 Lockwood Rd, Beverley, HU17 9GQ

Professional Care With A Personal Touch For 25 Years

  • Do You Have Any Muscle Or Joint Problems
  • Pain In Your Neck, Back, Legs Or Arms
  • Expectant Mothers Clinics
  • Emergency Appointments Available
  • Clinics In Beverley & Driffield
  • Clinics In Hull & Cottingham

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More about Wadsworth Osteopaths

We are a team of friendly, highly skilled osteopaths, based in Hull and East Yorkshire, who provide professional care with a personal touch. For over 25 years, the practitioners here at Wadsworth Osteopaths have been treating and helping to prevent a wide variety of problems in patients of all ages, even from as young as a new-born baby.
We understand that visiting an osteopath can be a daunting experience. The first time you visit one of the team at Wadsworth Osteopaths we will take a detailed case history to find out about the complaint which is troubling you. We also need to ask about your general medical history, health and fitness.

After completing the history you will receive an examination. You will normally be asked to remove some clothing and perform a series of simple movements so we can find out what is painful for you or restricted. We use standard medical tests which you may have come across before. These include testing reflexes and muscle strength. There may also be other more specialised tests which we use when necessary.

To help us diagnose your problem, our osteopaths use palpation (a highly developed sense of touch) to detect abnormalities in muscle tone, joint mobility etc.

Once we have made our assessment, we will discuss your problem with you, let you know if treatment is appropriate and what we recommend in the way of treatment and management.

Other locations

Holly House Clinic, 199 Hull Rd, Cottingham HU6 8RG

Tel: 01482 875004

The Brook Street Clinic, Brook St, Driffield YO25 6QP

Tel: 01377 272791

1 review of Wadsworth Osteopaths

  • Magic fingers Maxine

    10 March 2014, 08:37

    After waking up unable to move my neck, I rang Wadsworth's and got an appointment that morning. During my 45 minute consultation - Maxine asked me questions relating to my injury and then started to treat my injury! Within minutes of my consultation, I was able to move my neck and the pain had gone. Maxine really has magic fingers, and helped me but easing my neck. Thank you so much Wadsworth's and Maxine - I really appreciated the quick appointment and treatment. Miss Lynn

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