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Safety and Security covers a range of types and uses of glass. Safety glasses have properties intended to reduce or eliminate injury in the event of an accident or fire while security glasses are primarily aimed at preventing unwelcome access to your property.
These products generally fall into the categories of toughened, laminated and wired glass as detailed below:

Toughened Glass. Although specialist fire resistant products are available the toughened glass we supply is a simple impact safety glass. It is manufactured to BS6206 class A and is available in clear as well as a wide range of textured or patterned styles.
Toughened glass is produced by heating ordinary annealed glass to a high temperature and then cooling it rapidly. This gives the glass approximately 4 to 5 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass and alters the structure such that if it does break it disintegrates into small, mostly harmless, pieces. This quality makes it unsuitable in areas where security is necessary but highly desirable in locations where safety is paramount such as internal glass doors.

Laminated Glass. The 6.4mm clear laminated glass that we supply meets BS6206 class B for impact resistance and is a good choice when security is a high priority. This is made by bonding 2 sheets of 3mm thick glass together with a transparent plastic layer called polyvinyl butyral (pvb). This pvb interlayer also absorbs most of the UV radiation in the sunlight helping to prevent bleaching and fading of your furnishings.
We can also supply fire rated Pyroguard C (BS476 part 22 providing 30 minutes integrity in a suitable glazing system)

Safety Wired Glass. Available in clear and a textured finish, this glass is both a safety glass (BS6206 class C) and a fire rated glass (BS476 part 22 offering 120 minutes integrity in a suitable glazing system). The wires also act as a visual and physical deterrent for would be intruders.

Inside or outside your house patterned glass provides elegant privacy, sparkling originality, enhanced impressions of space and light - above all, atmosphere. Just create a mood. Happy, exciting, seductive, inviting, chic, subtle, sophisticated. The choice is yours - and the choice is wide.

Exquisite patterns from the imaginative Pilkington range offer the same versatility as decorative wall coverings, furnishing fabrics and carpets, but with a translucency only glass can provide. Whatever effect you are searching for, glass will help you see the light.

We also stock Pilkingtons Oriel range of etched designs click here as well as providing a bespoke service for etched panels made to your individual requirements.

Patterned glass is a practical part of your fashion scheme. It can be used for screens, tables, vanity units, shelves, doors and walls......... even windows.

We supply 4mm and 6mm mirror glass cut to size. This can be supplied “as cut” or with ground edges. We are also able to drill holes in the mirror as well as finger grooves.

In addition to the above we stock a range of ready made frameless mirrors with bevelled edges and brilliant cut decoration.

We provide a cut-to-size service for 2mm clear and 2mm diffused reflection glass (also known as non-reflective).
We can also supply a range of fittings including items such as hooks, D-rings and nylon cord.

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