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Route 66 Motorcycle Training

Tel: 01482 656653

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Thank you for enquiring into motorcycle training at Route 66.
We are a small family run business that can offer the personal touch and achieving a high pass rate.
Should you decide to book a course with us, we will endeavour to arrange your training course to suit your home/work commitments. We are open for business 7 days per week, with the exception of Christmas day and New Years day.
The training we offer is extensive and very thorough, which that means that is you are on a full licence course, we can ensure you that when you take your test, not only will you be test standard, but beyond it, giving you the confidence to `go it alone.` Our instructors regularly update their techniques to enable them to reach the highest standard which is necessary for today`s traffic conditions.
We at Route 66 are approved by the DSA (Driving standards agency) to deliver motorcycle instruction to the general public which includes compulsory basic training or what is other wise known as the CBT.
A CBT is not a test but an opportunity for a trained body such as ourselves to provide both an educational input and to assess the abilities of people wishing to ride on public roads.
The training usually takes a day to complete but as candidates differ in terms of their experience and skills, this is not an expectation. Anyone who we feel is not quite ready for taking tot he roads unsupervised would be invited to return to the centre a second time in order to complete their training free of charge.
A CBT is required by all moped and motorcycle provisional holders. Full car licence holders who also wish to ride a moped or motorcycle on their provisional entitlement need to do a CBT and display L Plates. Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate will be issued to the candidate. The certificate will be valid for a period of 2 years, during which time the holder must either successfully pass their motorcycle test for the particular class of vehicle they are riding or be reassessed for a further CBT.


Full Category P (Moped):
The CBT Certificate also validates for the life of the licence the full moped entitlement granted with a full car licence issued in respect with a typical full car test passed on or after 1st February 2001 if, either:
* The car test is passed within 2 years of this certificate being issued, or
* The training course was completed after the car test was passed

This certificate is valid in respect of all mopeds unless restrictions are recorded upon the CBT Certificate by the instructor. The restriction that may be recorded is when a course was completed on a motor bicycle and sidecar combination or on a moped with more than two wheels. In these cases the full entitlement is restricted to mopeds with more than two wheels.

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