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KINGSTON BLINDS - Formally Apollo Blinds


Pleated blinds create a simple yet stylish look in any room throughout your home or conservatory. Many pleated fabrics offer solar reflective or dim out properties helping you to control direct sunlight and heat build up. When not required pleated blinds discreetly fold away and can be lowered to any height required.

Key Facts
Slim line & Discreet
Solar Reflective
Suitable for shaped Windows

Roller Blinds are perfect for adding style & colour to any room in the home. We have over 1000 fabrics in our roller blind range, including stunning prints, suede’s and blackouts as well as a huge selection of plain colours, whites and neutral colours.

Finishing Touches
Your new roller blind can be personalised with one of our shaped bottoms, pulls, eyelets, braids or beaded braids.

Key Facts
Suitable for any room in the home
Over 1000 fabrics to choose from
Many trims & finishes available
Ideal black out blinds

Venetian blinds create a modern, clutter free effect in any room. Choose from over 250 stunning shades & colours. Many slats are available in a choice of slat widths, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm & 50mm. When lowered Venetian blinds make your room private but can be simply lifted to allow optimal sunlight if desired.

Key Facts
16, 25, 35 & 50mm Slat widths
Aliwood – Wood effect slats available
Simple Controls
Clutter free

Vertical blinds are without doubt the most versatile and practical type of blind when it comes to light control. As well as adding style to any room, verticals offer higher levels of privacy and security than many other blind types. Available in hundreds of plain colours, jacquard, patterned and textured fabrics, theirs sure to be something to achieve the look you desire. Soft and rigid PVC fabrics are also available for more demanding situations such as bathrooms.

Key Facts
Stylish & versatile
Flame Retardant Fabrics
Anti Glare Options
Enhanced Privacy Levels
Ideal for Bay Windows
Shaped & Curved Rails Available

Roman blinds create an elegant look and add a touch of warmth to any window they are fitted too. Like curtains Roman blinds have a calming and softening effect. We have over 200 patterned, plain colours and textured fabrics to choose from, as well as a black out lining option for rooms such as bedrooms.

Key Facts
Elegant Stylish look
Easy Chain Operation
Adds Warmth to your room

Fiitting Wooden Venetian blinds to your windows will create a classic feel to your room. Our ever-popular Sunwood range offers 11 stained finishes and 2 painted finishes. These low cost quality blinds are now available with decorative tapes.

Alternatively our premium wood ranges provide an enhanced choice of stained and painted finishes as well as solid timbers such as Oak, Cedar and Walnut to name but a few.

Key Facts
Modern Classic look
Choice of 25mm, 35mm & 50mm slats
Perfect for light control
Stained or Painted finishes available


Conservatory side blinds allow you to control sunlight as well as achieve privacy.

Vertical blinds offer the most versatile way to filter the light into the sides of your conservatory. When closed verticals will protect your furniture from direct sunlight and provide you with privacy. When tilted at an angle, verticals will provide a mixture of light control and privacy. When pulled back completely vertical blinds will allow you a clear view of your garden.

Verticals are available in hundreds of fabrics and two louvre widths. We are also able to make vertical blinds for sloping windows, ideal for lean too conservatories

Aluminium Venetian blinds in your conservatory will create a modern, clutter free appearance. Choose from over 250 stunning shades, with many slats available in a choice of 16mm, 25mm, 35mm & 50mm slat widths. When lowered Venetian blinds make your conservatory private but can be simply lifted to allow optimal sunlight if required.

Roller blinds are perfect for adding style & colour to your conservatory. Roller blinds are discreet when pulled up and provide good levels of privacy when lowered. The use of black out fabric can increase privacy levels, whilst anti glare fabrics allow filtered light into your conservatory. We have over 1000 fabrics in our roller blind range, including stunning prints, suede’s and blackouts as well as a huge selection of plain colours, whites & natural fabrics.

Finishing Touches
Your new roller blind can be personalised with one of our shaped bottoms, pulls, eyelets, braids or beaded braids.

Pleated blinds are without doubt the only specialist conservatory blind. Their slim line design allows them to fold away neatly when not in use whilst giving excellent solar protection lowered due to the performance of the fabrics. Pleated blinds can be fitted to your conservatory in many different ways, as well as being made to fit many unusual shapes such as triangles and circles

Pleated roof blinds are without doubt the most practical and effective type of blind for conservatory roofs. Whether your conservatory roof consists of rectangular or triangular shaped windows or a mixture of both, skill and expertise is required every step of the way. At Kingston Blinds we have almost 30 years combined experience in taking precise measurements of your roof to enable, the accurate manufacture and ultimately the installation of the best-pleated roof blinds available.

We are able to offer you solar reflective, dim out and even black out fabrics to help you control the heat build up and glare which is generated through your conservatory roof.

The panel blind is an elegant yet versatile shading option for larger windows and patio doors that looks fabulous in both contemporary and traditional interior design schemes.

Also stunning as a stylish room divider, the panel blind is available in a diverse range of colour ways and designs prevalent to today’s busy lifestyle.

What makes the panel blind so unique is the wide panels that reflect and filter daylight so effectively.

When open, the panels stack neatly behind one another allowing maximum light into the room. Sliding the panels into the closed position creates a complete fabric screen providing light control and increased privacy.

Available in natural looking and translucent fabrics, panel blinds will transform the look of any room with its cultured, sophisticated appearance.

Crisp Modern Look
Ideal Room Dividers
Mix & Match Colours!

Woven wood blinds or Pinoleum blinds are similar to traditional roman blinds, the main difference being the woven wood fabrics used to give a truly natural feel to your room. The woven wood fabrics are made from veneers and reeds of wood woven together to form different wood weaves which in turn give differing shades of dappled light in any room. Fabrics are available in a range of natural wood colours with the traditional wood finish also being stained and varnished.

Included in our range of woven wood fabrics are classic colours such as Antique White and Powder Blue to give an ageless look to any room.

Key Facts
Natural Look
Beautifully Filters Light
Roman or Roll up Option


We have a full range of blinds suitable for commercial use, please contact us, so we can tailor a solution suitable for your requirements.

1 review of Kingston Blinds Ltd

  • Very happy customer!

    11 December 2013, 21:21

    Today I had some Roman blinds fitted by Colin at Kingston Blinds, I have used this company on several occasions now over the last 10 years and have never been disappointed in the service provided or the blinds I've had made. I am a very happy customer!

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